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Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • group pressure — influence of a group on individuals, social pressure …   English contemporary dictionary

  • peer group pressure — UK US noun [U] (also peer pressure) ► the influence that people who belong to a particular group can have on other members of the group: »Sales of the iPhone® have benefited from peer group pressure …   Financial and business terms

  • Групповое давление (group pressure) — Невозможно находиться в группе и быть свободным от ее влияния. Группа рассматривается как важнейший фактор в детерминации поведения ее отдельных членов. Как указывал У. Р. Байон, необходимым условием существования любой группы является служение… …   Психологическая энциклопедия

  • group — [gruːp] noun [countable] 1. also group of companies ORGANIZATIONS a large business organization that consists of several companies that all have the same owner: • Burmah Castrol, the lubricants group • the sale of the Rover Group to BMW …   Financial and business terms

  • group — group, social group A number of individuals, defined by formal or informal criteria of membership, who share a feeling of unity or are bound together in relatively stable patterns of interaction. The latter criterion is necessary in order to… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • group — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun ADJECTIVE ▪ big, large, wide ▪ She has a very wide group of friends. ▪ little, select, small ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • group — [[t]gru͟ːp[/t]] ♦ groups, grouping, grouped 1) N COUNT COLL: oft N of n A group of people or things is a number of people or things which are together in one place at one time. The trouble involved a small group of football supporters... The… …   English dictionary

  • pressure group — interesų grupė statusas T sritis Politika apibrėžtis Organizuota struktūra (asociacija), vienijanti visuomenės narius, turinčius bendrų interesų ir tikslų bei siekianti daryti įtaką valdžios institucijų priimamiems sprendimams, bet nesiekianti… …   Politikos mokslų enciklopedinis žodynas

  • pressure group — pressure groups N COUNT A pressure group is an organized group of people who are trying to persuade a government or other authority to do something, for example to change a law. ...the environmental pressure group Greenpeace …   English dictionary

  • pressure group — UK US noun [C] ► a group of people who work together to try to influence the activities of governments, companies, etc.: »The environmental pressure group will today call for more regulation to protect the interests of local communities …   Financial and business terms

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